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Salam Seoul: Exploring Diverse Food in Seoul (with MUFKO!)

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Seoul is a city known for its diverse culture and food, attracting tourists from various countries. However, for Muslim travelers with dietary restrictions, finding halal food options can be crucial. Meeting this demand and enhancing the enjoyable and flavorful experience of traveling in Seoul, Salam Seoul has emerged.“

Introduction to Salam Seoul

Salam Seoul provides a comprehensive guide to various food options for the Muslim community and travelers. Salam Seoul introduces a wide range of Korean cuisine in Seoul. Join hands with Salam Seoul for a worry-free and delightful culinary journey through Seoul!

Categories of Salam Seoul

Salam Seoul offers an array of information about different cuisines and restaurants, providing opportunities to choose according to preferences. This service is beneficial not only for the Muslim community but also for anyone with dietary considerations.

Muslim Certified: Offers information about restaurants operated by Muslims. Experience dishes crafted by chefs from diverse countries!

The term ‘Muslim Certified’ denotes restaurants operated by Muslims. These establishments offer specially designed meals to cater to the Muslim community and Muslim guests, aligning with the dietary regulations of halal.

These restaurants provide dishes created by chefs with experiences in Muslim cuisine from various countries. Guests can savor diverse flavors and cultures while adhering to Muslim dietary guidelines.

Muslim Certified restaurants use halal ingredients, avoid pork and its derivatives, and adhere to Muslim dietary regulations when preparing their dishes. These establishments offer safe and delicious dining options not only for the Muslim community but also for those with dietary restrictions.

Muslim-operated restaurants respect Muslim cuisine culture and traditions, offering a variety of flavors to guests of diverse cultural backgrounds and tourists. They play an important role in the Muslim community, fostering understanding and connections among people through food.

Self Certified: While different from halal-certified restaurants that strictly adhere to Muslim dietary regulations, Self Certified represents restaurants striving to provide safe options for Muslim guests.

These restaurants make efforts to offer dishes that closely align with Muslim dietary rules by reviewing ingredients and cooking methods independently. This can involve avoiding pork and pork-related ingredients, utilizing halal ingredients in cooking, and providing various choices to cater to Muslim guests, even if not independently certified as Muslim-friendly.

The aim of Self Certified restaurants is to create an environment where Muslims can dine with confidence, adhering to their dietary rules. These establishments offer Muslim-friendly options not only for Muslim travelers but also for individuals outside the Muslim community, assisting diverse dining experiences in various cultural settings.

Salam Halal Meat: This category offers information about restaurants using halal meat. Enjoy Muslim-friendly dishes prepared using a variety of halal meats!

Salam Halal Meat introduces restaurants that utilize halal meat. Restaurants in this category offer a range of dishes prepared using meat that follows halal regulations. Halal meat adheres to specific rules when sacrificing animals, ensuring it meets the dietary requirements of Muslims.

These restaurants prepare delicious and diverse dishes using various types of halal meat. Halal meat excludes any ingredients related to pork, meeting the dietary needs of Muslims who do not consume pork.

Salam Halal Meat restaurants ensure strict adherence to the supply and processing of halal meat, ensuring guests can enjoy safe and delicious food adhering to halal regulations. These establishments cater to not only the Muslim community but also those with dietary restrictions, creating a satisfying environment for all guests.

Salam Halal Meat restaurants offer a unique dining experience centered around meat dishes, while also respecting Muslim cuisine culture and dietary requirements. These restaurants respect the diversity of Muslim cuisine while promoting understanding and connections through food.

Salam Seafood: This category provides information about various seafood dishes.

Restaurants in this category offer dishes made from a variety of seafood. Guests can indulge in seafood with confidence, experiencing the authentic taste of the sea. Additionally, these restaurants provide dishes that cater to Muslim guests, ensuring a comfortable dining environment.

Salam Veggie: This category focuses on vegetable-centered dishes, offering assistance for enjoying healthy and diverse vegetable-based cuisine.

Salam Veggie provides information about restaurants that prioritize vegetable-based dishes. These establishments prepare healthy dishes using a variety of vegetables. Guests can enjoy fresh vegetable dishes, relishing their nutritional value and diverse flavors.

Salam Veggie restaurants provide guests with a variety of vegetable-based culinary experiences, emphasizing health and nutrition. These restaurants introduce guests to the diverse tastes and values of different vegetables, offering a rich dining experience for those who prefer vegetarian options.

Salam: This category showcases dishes predominantly featuring common meats, excluding pork and its derivatives, such as chicken, beef, lamb, and duck. Although not strictly halal, these restaurants aim to provide diverse dining experiences for those with dietary considerations.

Salam represents restaurants that primarily use common meats excluding pork, such as chicken, beef, lamb, and duck. These restaurants may not adhere to traditional halal methods but avoid pork and its derivatives, expanding dining options for those with dietary restrictions and offering diverse culinary experiences.

Salam restaurants are tailored to offer optimal dining experiences based on Korean culture. Guests can explore authentic Korean cuisine, respecting cultural diversity while catering to dietary needs.


Salam Seoul provides an opportunity for the Muslim community and individuals with dietary restrictions to easily find diverse halal food options in Seoul. By doing so, it aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy delicious food while enhancing the culinary experience of Muslim tourists in Seoul.


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