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Introduction to Korean Superstitions

Hello everyone, I’m Park Juyeon.

Today I will introduce you to 5 interesting Korean Superstitions.

1.  Writing people’s name in red is treated as unlucky in Korean Culture.

 Color Red has always been used to write names of dead people in Korea History. Therefore, people were reluctant to write their names in red.

2. If you step on threshold, your blessing will flee.

  It is saying of our ancestors who did not allow them to step on or sit on the threshold as they thought of it as the ‘God’s way’.

 The scientific reason for this superstition is the myth that is often prevented if you step on the threshold frequently and it is easy for wind to blow into the house through the cracks you’ve made. The old houses are mad of wood, so when they are worn out, the gaps open and the house is damaged.

3. When blow whistle at night, the snake comes out.

  This superstition is believed to have arisen since ancient. Landsaws used to control snakes by whistling and it seems to continue to pass on. There is also a myth that you can summon not only snakes, but also ghosts when you whistle at night.

4. If you eat seaweed soup on the test day, it will slip.

  Many Koreans do not eat seaweed soup on the test day. It is a superstition which arised from the belief that you’ll fail (falling down) the test when you eat seaweed soup because it is simply slipeery and make you slip thet test. However, there are many refutations that people who prepare for the exams will pass even if they eat seaweed soup, because the exams are the result of effort.

5. When a lover walks along the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace, they are likely to break up.

 This superstition is a famous superstition in Korea. It is said that the reason for this myth was because there was a Seoul Family Court near Deoksugung Place.

Next time,  I  will come back with more interesting Korea culture stories.

See you next time!

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