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Yerin Baek, Korean Singer #1

Hello~ I’m Seo-Hyun!

Today I want to introduce Ye-rin Baek!

8080Yerin Baek, 1997

Yerin debuted as a member of duo 15&(Fifteen And) in 2012.
The duo consisted of Park Ji-min and Yerin, and they are formed by JYP Entertainment.

And now she is a solo singer. Also, she is a member in a indie band called “The Volunteers” under her own label “Blue Vinyl”. I really love “Summer”, the song of The Volunteers. You can watch the music video in my instagram, “@iseohyun_music” or Yerin Baek’s youtbe.

Yerin is known for having one of the sweetest voices in Korea. Many people loves her for airy vocals, touching lyrics and atmosphere found with in her songs. She wrote all the lyrics by herself, and also composed her songs too. Her songs make me feel warm!

I want to talk about her album which is recently released.
“Every letter I sent You”.

“Every letter I sent You” is containing a total of 18 songs, and 17 of 18 tracks, were written in English. Only one song, “Datoom” was written in Korean, and it is my favorite song in this album. I love the atmosphere of this song. The whole thing is so calm.

She wrote the letters to her fans in this album.

Every letter I sent you.
This album reflects memories, dilemmas, and thought processes I had from when I was nineteen to twenty three. With no specific address, I’ve been mailing my feelings in form of songs. And I’m really glad that I can finally mail them to you all. This album is my way of thanking everyone who has been loving me and supporting my journey as a musician.

Lots of Love,

I hope you guys like Yerin’s music! Thank you very much!

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