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Funny Slang word in KOREA #2

“혼” means Alone and “영” means Movie.
So, “혼영” means Watching Movies Alone!

These days many people watches movie alone using netflix or Watcha Play.
What is your favorite Movie?
Mine is “Pulf Fuction”

“지옥철” is a combination of “지옥” which means “hell
and “철” from “지하철” which means “subway“.
So, “지옥철” means a situation When Rush Hour in Subway.

The Most commonly used word in Korean Cafe is “아아”
It is an abbreviation of word “아이스 아메리카노” = Ice Americano.
If you visit Cafe in Korea, Try saying “아아 하나요[A-a, hanayo]
which means one Ice Americano Please.

There are brothers whose name is “아라” from Ice Latte too!

Even in Cold winter, there are people who only drink Cold Americano.
When people see that kind of people. we say as
It is an abbreviation from “얼어 죽어도 아이스”
which means Drink or Eat Ice (Cold things) even if you freeze to death! LOL

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