Last week, we got to know pre-1996 song’s features.
Today, I will introduce several singers who were popular at that time and their song.
Then, it begins now!

송골매 – 어쩌다 마주친 그대 (1982)

Songgolmae(Peregrine) – I met you by chance (1982)

This song is rock and fork in korea. Korean is really like this song. So they sing this song in karaoke to have a fun with excitement. This song is about addicting to someone that met by chance.

이상은 – 담다디(1988)

Lee sang en – damdadi (1988)

If you listen to this music, you will be fun. She broke conservative social and female phase at that time. This song really has fun regardless of age or sex. It’s so good even if you listen to it now!

무한도전 토토가(MBC) – 철이와미애, 쿨, 김건모

Infinite challenge’s member remade pre-1990s songs. So the songs were popular again.
The songs are Cheal and mie – Why did you(1993), Cool – before I was to be sad(1995), Kim gun-mo – a wrong encounter(1995) and so on.

Cheal and mie – why did you?(1993)
This song is famous for Scrubbing dance in korea. Many korean students often have this dance to the retreat and camp.

Cool – before I was to be sad(1995), this song’s story is about a changed lover. Lyrics is sad but sound is fun. So you feel like sad but fun.

Kim gun-mo – a wrong encounter(1995), this song’s story is about a wrong friendship and romantic relationship. This music point is fast lyrics.

김광석 – 너무 슬픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을(1994)

Kim Kwang-seok – It Wasn’t Love If It Hurt so Much(1994)

Kim Kwang seok is called korean troubadour. His music’s every phrase is like a poem. Many Korean vocalists respect him.

Thank you for reading my article.
See you next time~

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