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Dalchong(CHEEZE), Korean Singer #2

Let’s get to know about Dalchong, CHEEZE!

Dalchong , Dal(which means moon)+ Chong(which means gun)

CHEEZE debuted in 2011 and they released the album, “Recipe!” in 2013. Cheeze is consisted of Dalchong, and three of her college mates(Moodi, Yasu, Gureum(Cloud)).

Then they released the album, “Plain”, in the following year. This album has my favorite song, “Madeleine Love”.

I really like Dalchong’s sweet voice and Cloud’s soft voice. This song always makes me happy!

Madeleine Love, 2015

Dalchong & Cloud

But no longer after, two of the members, Moodi and Yasu departed the group in 2013 and 2015. And then, Dalchong & Cloud released the album, “Q” in 2016. This is one of my favorite albums.

How do you think(어떻게 생각해) in “Q”

Love you (b y e) in 2017

And Gureum(Cloud) left the group to focus on his producing career in 2017.

“Love You(bye)” is the first album of CHEEZE after Cloud leaves the group.
I like her crystal clear voices in this song.

Love you (좋아해) in 2017

Dalchong also participate as Drama OST singer. It’s for “사랑의 온도” and “남자친구”.

I Still, OST of 사랑의 온도

The day like a movie(영화 같던 날), OST of 남자친구

Also, CHEEZE collaborated with many other musicians!

In 2017, CHEEZE collaborated with Eric Nam. They sang a remake song, “Perhaps Love”.

Eric Nam & Dalchong

“Perhaps Love”was orginally song by J and Howl. And this song is the most well-known track of the drama “Goong(Princess Hours)”. Goong is a Korean drama, based on Korean cartoon Goong. This drama was much loved by the public.

Goong (Princess Hours), 2006

Perhaps Love, 2017 (Eric Nam&CHEEZE)

And recently, Dalchong collaborated with Dvwn(다운), one of my favorite singers. Their voices are really sweet!

Concrete, 2020 (DVWN & CHEEZE)

And the music video of this song is so cute! I posted that video on my instagram! Please come and check it out that cute video~ @iseohyun_music

Now, did you get to know much about Dalchong?
I hope you guys like CHEEZE!
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Thank you!

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