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Learn The Korean Alphabet (Hangeul)

Hi Mufko’s Friends! In this week Let’s we get to know the Korean Alphabet!

The Korean Alphabet known as Hangeul (한글) in South Korea and Joseon-geul in North Korea, was logically and scientifically invented by King Sejong the Great in 1443 to write the Korean Language.


Learn Basic Korean Hangeul for beginners..

Here is Korean Basic Charts that you need to learn :

1. Korean Consonants

First, Middle and End is sound or pronunciation of position alphabet.

2. Korean Vowels

Make you familiar and memorized with Korean Basic Consonants and Korean Vowels, so you will be easy to learning the next step which is Korean Double Consonants and Double Vowels :

1. Double Consonants

2. Double Vowels

Learn basic of Korean Alphabet is very important for speaking Korean.

Keep Calm.. Learn Korean and Repeat..

See you then!

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