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Car the Garden, Korean Singer #4

The fourth singer to introduce is “Car, the Garden”!

Car the Garden(카더가든)’s real name is Cha Jung-won(차정원). He debuted in 2013 as “Mayson the Soul(메이슨 더 소울)”. But He took a new name, “Car the Garden”, after his friend, Oh-Hyuk(오혁) suggested using a different name, “Car, the Garden”. – His family name “Cha” is a homonym of “car” and his first name “Jung-won” means garden.

“Car The Garden” became famous after he appeared on the program, “THE FAN”. He is the winner of this program.

The Black Skirts(검정치마) – As long as you wait again(기다린만큼 더), OST of the drama,”Another Miss Oh(또! 오해영)”
Jannabi(잔나비) – SHE

On this program, “THE FAN”, “Car, the Garden” sang many famous songs such as, “As long as you wait again”, “SHE” and “Myeongdong Calling”.

Especially, “Myeongdong Calling” was prasied by many people for his reinterpretation in a completely different way from the original. “Myeongdong Calling” is a song of “Crying Nut(크라잉 넛)”. I also like the version of “Car the Garden” more than the original version.

“Tree,나무” (left) and
“Memorize Our Night, 우리의 밤을 외워요 (right)”

These songs are my favorite. His voice is raspy, calm and soulful. There’s something subtly sublime about his voice. And I also really love music videos of two songs. “Tree” was first released in April, and “Memorize Our Night” was released in June. The music video for “Remember Our night” is a sequel to the music video for “Tree”.

Car, the Garden – Tree(나무)
Car, the Garden – Memorize Our Night(우리의 밤을 외워요)

If you still curious about him, you can follow on instagram @carthegarden.

And you can enjoy more Korean songs on my instagram! @iseohyun_music.

Thank you!

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