16 July 2020 / Writer: Eunha Kim

K-Pop Idol’s History #4

Hello ~?It’s already 4 weeks!
Today we are going to know about first generation idol’s music that was the hottest at that time.

In the left of picture is H.O.T and the right is G.O.D

1. “H.O.T” – “Candy” 
First of all, I want to introduce this music. This music is candy by “H.O.T”. “H.O.T” consist of 5 members. “H.O.T” means High-five Of Teenagers. Their music’s feature is bright and upbeat. This song also like that. “Candy” this song representatives “H.O.T”.

MBC K-Pop H.O.T – Candy

2. “G.O.D” – “To My Mother”
‘My mother said she doesn’t like jjajangmyeon.’ This lyric is point lyric of this song. There is a episode about this song. The episode is that Many elementary and middle school students at that time won a prize by using this song at essay competition in school.

G.O.D – To My Mother


3. “Finkle” – “forever Love”
I like this song! When I was young, My friend and I played “Dance Dance Revolution(DDR)” with this song.
So I still remember this song well. Finkle usually sang songs lovely and purely.

MBC K-Pop Finkle – Forever Love
the left is Lee Jung-hyun, the middle is So Chan-whee and right is Joo sung-mo

4. “Jo Sungmo” – “I Swear”
‘Paparapapa pababam pararararapababam~’ With this melody this song is famous for dance shacking the jaket. At that time many people like this song and dance.

Jo Sungmo – I Swear

5. “Lee Jung Hyun” – “Wa(come)
We can’t forget “Lee jung hyun” in 1990~2000s. she is called Techno female warrior. She showed extraordinary and shocking make up and dress for the moment. Furthermore “Lee jung hyun” sang a song after she attached the microphone to her little finger. This little finger microphone was really popular.

SBS 인기가요 Lee Jung Hyun

7. “So Chan-Whee” – “Tears”
Finally, “So chan-whee’s Tears”! This music is No.1 relieving stress at karaoke in Korea! In this period, solo artist showed their singing ability for using their terrific high tone. This song also like that.

MBC K-Pop So Chan-Whee

I want to tell you more music, but if I do that, we can not finish. I’m afraid I must say bye!
Good bye~ see you soon! ?

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