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How to Say “Sorry” in Korean

24 July 2020 / Writer : Khansa Munisah

Hello everyone, it’s me Caca!

Today i will tell you about another important phrase you should learn to say “sorry” in Korean.

When you make a mistake to someone, of course you have to apologize. Because it will show that you admit and realize the mistake you made. Here are three ways to say sorry in Korean :


  • 죄송합니다 (joe-song-ham-ni-da)

This phrase is used when you want to be most respectful in your apology and can be used to people who older than you or any strangers. You would say this in your school to your teachers and in your workplace to your boss.

  • 미안합니다 (mi-an-ham-ni-da)

This phrase and 죄송합니다 is same meaning just different words. 미안합니다 usually used by junior to senior in workplace. And use this when you are apologizing to older members of your family.


  • 죄송해요 (joe-song-hae-yo)
  • 미안해요 (mi-an-hae-yo)
미안해요 언니
(mi-an-hae-yo eon-ni)

These two phrases are used to your coworkers an casual friends.


  • 미안해 (mi-an-hae)

미안해 can be used for kids and to people similar age as you who are close to you.

Please apologize in the right way ya friends~!


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