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Jannabi, Korean Singer #5

All indie fans who did not listen to this band’s music must go listen!

Today’s Korean indie singer is Jannabi(잔나비), one of my favorite bands ever. The band is composed of Choi Jung-hoon on vocals, Kim Do-hyung on guitar, Jang Kyung-joon on bass and guitar, and Yoon Kyul on drums.

They named their band “Jannabi”, which means “monkey” in Korean. Because they were all born in 1992, the Year of the Monkey.

This band composes songs that convey a unique musical style which is a complex mixture of pop, ballad, and rock music. (They’re like multiple genres!)

This man is “Choi Jung-hoon”, who is the leader of this band. I really love his voice. Jung-hoon’s raspy voice can make me feel so much better. I can seriously listen to his voice all day.

Jannabi – Hong Kong, 2016

This album “Monkey Hotel” is my favorite, especially, “Hong Kong” and “Summer, 뜨거운 여름 밤은 가고, 남은 건 볼품없지만” in this album.

There are many reasons why people love this band. I think one of the reason is the romantic and poetic lyrics!

Choi Jung-hoon usually reads poetry. He said that it helps a lot when he writes the lyrics.

Jannabi – She
“She is everything to me.”

Jannabi – For lovers who hesitate (주저하는 연인들을 위해)

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