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Halal Korean Restaurant in Seoul #Others

Hi, MUFKO’s Friends!

This is Tomi again.

As you guys know, There are many Halal restaurants near ‘Itaewon’.

However, except ‘Itaewon’ area, is there Halal Korean Restaurant?

Let’s check yo~

1. Kampungku


First restaurant is ‘Kampungku”
It means ‘My Hometown’ in Malay Language.
If you have visited Korea, I’m sure that you already visited there.

In Kampungku, they sold Malaysian food like ‘Nasi lemak (Rice with Malaysian style Chili sauce)’ or ‘Nasi Goreng (Fried rice)’

Nasi lemak from https://blog.naver.com/xixcre/221954971437
Nasi Goreng Black peper from https://blog.naver.com/xixcre/221954971437

And you can also try Korean Style Fried Chicken, too!!

Yangnyeom Chicken from https://blog.naver.com/mi7070mi/221983183594

Here is a map!

It is located near ‘Myeongdong’ area. So, you can easily visit there after sightseeing ‘Myeongdong’.

Also, there are prayer spot too!

2. Halal Kitchen

한국관광재단 (Seoul Tourism Organization)

Do you want to try Korean Halal food under the ‘Hanok’ (Korean Traditional house)?

Here is the best answer!

Near ‘Bukchon’ there is a restaurant named “Halal Kitchen”.
It is owned by Hassan Lee, Korean Muslim.

They serve only two menus now
‘Samgyetang’ and ‘Bulgogi’.

They are two best Korean dishes!

Samgyetang from https://blog.naver.com/iheejin74/221261977133
Bulgogi from https://blog.naver.com/youngbin95/221650189217

Having dishes and walking around ‘Bukchon’ area and ‘Gyeongbokgung’ will make you that
“I’m fully enjoying Korea”.

And here is a map!

Today we checked Korean Halal Restaurant in outside Itaeon, Seoul.

Next week, I will come back with more interesting subject!


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