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Korean Snack Recommendation on September!

Korean Snack Recommendation on September!
Today, we are gonna introduce three “Steady Sellers” among the Korean Snacks.
As a Steady Seller. I’m sure that you can buy these snacks from any supermarket or mall.

Let’s Start!!!

1. 꼬깔콘 고소한맛 (Kko-kkal-kon Go-so-han-mat)

“꼬깔콘 고소한맛” launched in 1983, is still a popular snack widely loved by men and women of all ages.
Made from corn, the snack is gaining popularity for its salty and savory taste.
Because of Corn-liked shape, people enjoy it in a finger.

In 2019, more than 3 billion bags of “꼬깔콘” were sold, and more than 1 trillion won worth of cone were sold.
This is the amount that can hit the Earth 17 times.

2. 포카칩 어니언맛 (Po-ka-chip Eo-ni-on-mat)

“포카칩”, the most popular potato chip in Korea have been steadily gaining popularity since its launch in 1988.
Among them, the flavor of “포카칩” onion flavor made “포카칩” the No. 1 potato chip by beating the first potato chip in Korea “칩포테토 (chip potetto) released in 1980.
Moreover, for the first time as a potato chip, cumulative sales have surpassed 1 trillion won!

3. 카라멜콘 땅콩 (Ka-ra-mel-kon Ttang-kong)

Produced in 1989, “카라멜콘 땅콩” is popular for their combination of sweet corn-shaped snacks and salty peanuts.
At one time, peanuts were removed from snacks and replaced by peanut butter, but at the request of many people, peanuts were put back in.

Next time, MUFKO will recommend other delicious snacks again! See you again~

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