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The things that you do not know about Korea! #1

Ep 1 – Restaurant

There are some interesting things, however you do not know about in Korea.
I can say that these kind of things are only can be seen in Korea.
Today I’m gonna talk about interesting things in Korean Restaurants.

I also really impressed when I traveled other country. Because these kind of things that I was using for granted.
I think it would be great that other countries also import these products and use it. 🙂

Let’s Check it yo!

1. Restaurant Call Bell

Do you need waiting staffs help but he is too busy to hear your voice?
You can easily call the staffs easily!
You don’t need to sound up to call a staff.
Just touch it!
With Dding dong sound,
staff will come in a few seconds with “NE~” sounds!

2. Free Rifill Banchan (Side dishes)

과거 MBC every1 <어서 와 한국은 처음이지>에서는 알베르토와 친구들이  한정식집을 방문한 장면이 전파를 탔다. 알베르토는 친구들에게 한국에서는 식사할 때 반찬을 더 시켜도 돈을 안 낸다라며 반찬이 무제한이라고 한국의 식문화를 설명했다. 이에 루카는 개그 하려고 하는 거지라며 믿을 수 없다는 반응을 보였다. 이탈리아를 비롯한 여러 국가에서는 한 접시당 가격을 계산해 추가 요금을 받기 때문이다. 농담이라고 생각한 친구들의 반응에 알베르토는 밑반찬으로 나온 김과 김치를 주문했고 친구들은 한국 식당의 ‘반찬 무제한’에 감탄을 연발했다.
MBC everyone 1 “어서와 한국은 처음이지”

When you order some foods,
you will be surprised because of a variety of banchan (Side menu).
And it is free, so you can eat them as much as you want.
But don’t forget!
Side dish is free when you ordered main dishes!!

3. Hidden Spoon and Chopsticks!

MBC everyone 1 “어서와 한국은 처음이지”

Restaurant in Korea they always have placed Food weapons (Spoon and chopsticks) already on the table. But if you can not find them on the table, don’t call staff first, just check the side of tables. You can find new world! Even there are tissues!

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Bye yo!

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