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Jukjae, Korean singer #3

Let’s get to know about Jukjae!

Have you seen this TV commercial?

“Let’s Go See the Stars”, Park Bo-gum
Korean Actor, Park Bo-gum

Some of you may have heard of this commercial song, “Let’s Go See the Stars, 별 보러가자”, song by Park Bo-gum(Korean actor). This song is a remake of Jukjae’s original song. And Jukjae became famous for this song.

“Jukjae” , “Jung Jae-won”

Jukjae is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His real name is Jung Jae-won. When he was in middle school, it was trendy to put the “K” sound in name. And his friends started calling him “Jukjae”.

He used his real name, Jung Jae-won when he was performing gigs as a session musician, but he thought it was a common name, so he has been going as “Jukjae” since 2010.

Begin Again 3, JTBC

He became more known to people after he appeared on the busking variety show, “Begin Again 3”.

Jukjae & Paul Kim – Not Going Anywhere, Begin Again 3,

And also “Begin Again 4, 2020”.

Crush & Jukjae – Make up, Begin Again 4

He also appeared on MBC variety show, “How Do You Play?(Hangout with Yoo)”. It is a reality show program with Yoo Jae-suk, who is the most well-known and popular celebrity in Korea. Jukjae played the guitar for a project called “Yooplash” on this program.

How do you play? (Hangout with Yoo), 놀면 뭐하니?

Jukjae’s Music

Jukjae composes his songs and writes all the lyrics for himself. I really like his story and emotions in the lyrics of his songs. One of my favorite is “Lullaby”. Sometimes it makes me cry, but very comforting.

Lullaby, Jukjae

Now, did you get to know much about Jukjae? I hope you guys like him! If you still curious about him, you can follow on instagram! @jungjukjae

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