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Korean Culture Story-Superstitions in Korea #3

Hi everyone, I’m Park Juyeon. This time I will introduce you to Korean Superstitions part 3!!

There are many interesting stories today. Now, Come with me!!

1. Chicken wings make a person a flirt

In Korea, there is a myth that chicken wings make a lover leave you like a bird with wings.

This is a superstition without a scientific basis that Koreans do not take seriously.

So you can enjoy your chicken happily.

2. Do not cut your nails at night.

It is a superstition that originated form a folk tale that warns people that a rat may eat the nail you cut and appear as a copy of yourself.

And also this superstition is presumed to be the influence of Confucianism, which attempted to value the body that is considered to be a gift from the parents.

3. In Korea, there is no 4th floor in the building.

This is a superstition created by the thoughts of Koreans who think of 4 as an ominous number.

Because the number 4(sa) and 死(sa) which means death have same pronunciation, you can see at some of the building, the fourth floor is marked with alphabet F or 3-2.

4. Shaking legs will shake your luck away.

In Korea, parents educate children not to shake their legs.

Because they think the act of shaking their legs seems distracting and rude.

This superstition is also passed down from the past, when people considered a person who shakes his legs as a patient with bad blood circulation.

5. Don’t throw away the wallet that made you rich.

If you earned a lot of money after purchasing a wallet, it is better to continue using it without buying a new wallet.

According to this superstition, the reason you make a lot of money is because of the luck of your wallet.

So we learned about Korean superstitions today.

I hope you are interested in this stories.

Then I will come back with more interesting stories next time.

see U again!

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