Are you 초딩? 중딩? 고딩? or 대딩? - MUFKO

Are you 초딩? 중딩? 고딩? or 대딩?

Hey, MUFKO’s Friends.

Are you a student?

If so, what kind of school are you in?

Today, I’m going to talk about Expression for student according to level of school!

‘초딩 [Cho Ding]’ means elementary school student.

However, this word is also used to make fun of people like children.

Next one is for Middle school students
You can call them ‘중딩 [Jung Ding]’.

The third, High school student is called as ‘고딩 [Go Ding]’.

In Korea, they are preparing exam called ‘수능 [Su Neung]’ for entering the University that they want.

This year, ‘수능’ will be held on 3rd December.
I hope everyone can go to the University they’ve dreamed.

The last one, University Students!
They are called ‘대딩 [Dae Ding]’

Now, you are a person who know all slang words for students!

Next time, I will come back with another subject!

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