Don't be 꼰대(Ggon dae)! - MUFKO

Don’t be 꼰대(Ggon dae)!

Today I’m comeback with in word which is popularly used these days.

The Word is…!!

‘꼰대 (Ggon Dae)’ means elder people who stubbornly forces everything on its own view.

Of course, this word is often used to the young people who have same mind too.
So, there is a word ‘젋은 꼰대 (Jeor meun ggon dae)’ which means ‘young 꼰대’.

Second, this word should be used very carefully!
Because it is really slang word!

The word from ‘틀니 (false teeth)’ + Sounds ‘딱딱 (Tat tat sounds)’.

So, 딱딱 (Tat tat sounds) is like the sound of teeth colliding.
It’s a word when older people say things they don’t want to hear.

Today, we learned two fun, but dangerous expression.
You should remember,
These words just can be used between close friends for fun!

See ya guys~

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