14 Aug 2020 / Writer: Eunha Kim

Hello~ Today, we’re going to learn about third-generation idols! 😊

‘BTS’ – ‘I NEED U’

In the case of ‘EXO’ and ‘BTS’, they debuted during the previous generation but received a lot of attention during the third generation of idol groups. And it’s also a time of changing generations of idols. Girls’ idols are also from ‘Girls’ Generation’ to ‘Red Velvet’, ‘BLACKPINK’ and ‘TWICE’, while boy idols are ‘EXO’ and ‘BTS’ from ‘Big Bang’.

‘Akdong Musician(AKMU)’

There are also many singers who made their debut through survival programs around this time of year. The representative group is ‘Akdong Musician(AKMU)’. It is a group of brothers and sisters who are talented in singing and composing, and is still on a roll.

‘IOI’, ‘Wanna One’
‘IOI’ – ‘Very Very Very’
‘WANNA ONE’ – ‘Energetic’

There are also ‘IOI’, ‘Wanna One’ and others who debuted with the popularity of ‘Produce 101’. ‘Produce 101’ is a survival program in which people cast their own votes to make idols, which was very popular. They were ‘IOI’ in season 1 and ‘Wanna One’ in season 2. They were loved by national producers.

‘MAMAMOO’, ‘Bolbbalgan4’
‘MAMAMOO’ – ‘Décalcomanie’
‘Bolppalgan Puberty’ – ‘I’ll give you the universe’

During this period, some idols had distinct personalities, and a typical example was ‘MAMAMOO’. ‘MAMAMOO’ is a girl group that shows brilliant performances and outstanding singing skills.

Indie band singers are also popular with their faces showing off, and a typical example is ‘Bolbbalgan4’. It is a group that is gaining popularity with its unique voice, singing ability, and addictive melody.

Did you have fun? I hope you excited.
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