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The things that you do not know about Korea #2

EP 2 – Convenience Store

There are some interesting things, however you do not know about in Korea.
I can say that these kind of things are only can be seen in Korea.

Today I’m gonna talk about interesting things in Korean Convenience Store.

As a long experienced part time worker in Convenience store.
I will tell you detail about Korean Convenience store!

1. 24 hour withdrawable ATM

In korea, There are ATMs in the most of convenience store like “GS25”, “CU”, “Seven Eleven”.
In addition to cash withdrawals,
you can open an account at a convenience store,
and you can also proceed with an account-free remittance service without a bank account.
One more tips! If you hard to find Currency Exchange,
Try withdrawing with your Visa or Master Card!

2. EMS (International Courier)

Did you know that some of Convenience store can send International Courier?

You don’t have to visit the post office,
just click a few times on the machine in the nearest convenience store and you can easily send an international courier!

3. 1+1 or 2+1

편의점 미니스톱, 6월 한 달간 역대급 2+1 행사 실시 : 네이버 포스트

When you buy something in Convenience Store specially Snacks or beverage,
Look Carefully at the price list!

There are written in 2+1 or even 1+1!!
Don’t miss free gift.
Also, If you download an application for each convenience store
(Now only avaiable in CU and GS25)
you can save your product and take it later too!!

Today we checked some interesting things in Convenience store in Korea! Please DM the subject of your interest about Korea!!
Instagram: @minseobtomi

Bye Yo!

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