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The things that you do not know about Korea #3

EP-3 Cafe

Hi, Tomi again 😀
There are some interesting things, however you do not know about in Korea.

I can say that these kinds of things are only can be seen in Korea.

Today, I’m gonna talk about Korean Cafe.
In addition to drinking coffee or tea, you can try finding intersting things too!

1. Calling Bell


When you order coffee or tea in Korea, you will get this bell.
After getting this bell, you can just wait your drink in your seat.
If your drinks are prepared, the bell will ring and vibrate!
Don’t forget to returning it!
It is quite expensive lol.

2. Laptop and cell phone on the table

MBC every1 ‘어서와~ 한국은 처음이지?

In Korean Cafe, you can easily see there are just laptop or cell phone and even wallet on the table without any person.
They just go to bathroom or smoking spot leaving them.
Most Koreans believe that people won’t take their belongings because of the CCTVs!!
But be careful! It is hard to find it when you get lost it!

3. Too many cafe


In Korea, there are too many cafes in anywhere.
Except normal cafe like Starbucks or Ediya, there are many kinds of cafe like escpae care, VR cafe or Pet cafe.
More than 90,000 cafe in Korea
So it would be good experience to explore various cafe in Korea.

Today we checked some of interesting things in Korea!
If you have any subject that you want to know?
Just DM me @minseobtomi

Bye YO!

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