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Dearest MUFKO user,

Hi, We are MUFKO Team.

Thank you for all your support.
We leave this message because of the concerns and worries that many users may have.

There are some talks about MUFKO.
I hope this Notice solves your questions.

1. Purpose of MUFKO

MUFKO started by realizing that Korea lacks Muslim infrastructure, such as food, restaurants, prayer rooms. Korea has a part of a culture that mainly eats pork, which is prohibited in Islam. Moreover, only a few meats (beef, chicken, or lamb) butchered in the halal way. Not many halal restaurants existed, even sometimes their information is not accurate and hard to find. Hence, Muslims are experiencing inconvenience in living or traveling in Korea. By helping Muslims to live in Korea with accurate and proven information, MUFKO Team endeavors to make a better world.


MUFKO consists of seven people, three Koreans, three Indonesians, and one Moroccan.

CEO : Kim Minseob – Korea
CTO : Chloe Shin – Korea
Co-founder : Naufal Suryanto – Indonesia
In charge of the backend : Dzaky Zakiyal Fawaz– Indonesia
Database manager : Ryu Ho-jung- Korea
Marketing support : Wafae / Khasna Muniasa – Morocco / Indonesia

We are committed to always prioritizing user needs, professionalism, and carefulness in serving information. In every decision-making and data providing, we fully reflect Muslim team members’ opinions on the religious part and carefully judge them through discussions with Muslim Imam in Korea.

3. Present of MUFKO

Currently, MUFKO is in the stage of growing the userbase and starting to cooperate with various food companies and distributors. CEO’s private funding covers operational costs, such as monthly server rent. Lack of human resources and funding are causing problems such as development speed. We still have a long way to go. We are always asking for our user support and feedback to create a better MUFKO and a better Muslim environment in Korea. We’re now trying to develop our product with upcoming useful features and collecting more information of Halal Product and Restaurant and Prayer rooms location. If you find any inaccurate information, please let us know at muslimfriendly.kr@gmail.com! It will be a great help to MUFKO and many MUFKO users.

4. Functions of MUFKO

Currently, MUFKO offers six key features.
1) Korean product Barcode Scanner
2) Korean Restaurant
3) Prayer Room in Korea
4) Forums
5) Prayer time
6) Qibla

Among them, we will explain the two most frequently asked questions.

1) Barcode Scanner
MUFKO Scanner is a function that inform Korean products of their components through barcode scanning. Since most Korean products do not receive halal certification, we help you to judge by providing product ingredients.
MUFKO is just about informing you about the ingredients you need to be careful with through this function, and it’s up to you to make all the choices for purchasing and eating.

Currently, we have purchased and collected more than 30,000 data at a significant cost. It holds about 50% of the data of the products distributed in Korea. Some of them have not been updated if the production facilities have changed during the collection process.

We are aware of the shortcomings in this process and are working hard to improve them. Through additional verification on the “Recommendation page”, we will try to provide more accurate information on products that can be purchased at the nearest market and convenience store.

If you find any wrong part, please send your feedback to “muslimfriendly.kr@gmail.com”! We will fix it as soon as possible.

2) Forums
In MUFKO App we have a Forum that our user can ask any questions about the application or even some problems that he may face during his stay in Korea.

There have been many Muslims sign up in the MUFKO app. With this great community on the app, feel free to share your question and answer them.

The team and the users generously provides a helping hand by answering questions and offering some aid.
Which may make some answers inaccurate and personal opinion.

5. Goal of MUFKO

MUFKO aims to become the “best channel connecting Muslims and Korea.” We will prepare a variety of contents that will help you enjoy Korea with various and accurate information.

Your support gives us strength.
Thank you for reading this.
We will try as hard as we can.
Your support will be really helpful for us.


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  1. Hwaiting mufko!
    I’m always promote mufko to ma friends who’s stay in Korea, and she is say
    it’s application so helpful and excellent

    Can’t wait another content from mufko!

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