Funny Slang Word in Korea #4 - MUFKO

Funny Slang Word in Korea #4

‘집사’ means ‘Butler’
However, this term is commonly used for people
who raise cat.

Because of the habit of cat, they have a lot of work to take care of their cat.
So they are called as ‘집사’ which means Butler.

‘TMI’ is an abbreviation word form “Too Much Information”
This word is used for people who gives much more information than I asked or needed.

‘코노’ is also an abbreviation word which is from ‘코인 노래방’
‘코인 노래방’ means Karaoke booth that can be operated with Coins.
Before Covid-19 is spreaded, More and more people sang in ‘코노’ for relieving Stress.
I’m also one of them who misses to go to ‘코노’.

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